Prada sunglasses 26QSF 1AB3C2 dark gray black side bijoux (black) [new]

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Brand Name: PRADA (Prada)
Product Name: Prada Sunglasses 26QSF 1AB3C2 Dark Gray Black Side Bijoux (Black) [New]
Model number: 26QSF 1AB3C2
Color: Lens: Dark Gray Frame: Black
Size: Front 14.5cm Temple 13.0cm Lens 7.0 × 6.0cm
Accessories: Cross, case, with box
Remarks: ※ This is an item of parallel imports.

A sunglasses with a mode atmosphere with rounded cat's eye points. The black temple shines on the thick temple, and it adds a luxurious impression to the profile. It is easy to use with excellent fit for a comfortable fit. For yourself, of course, it is an item that is also appreciated by the present.
Category Sunglasses
Product number (model number)26QSF 1AB3C2
TypeBrand wallet and accessories
ColorLens: Dark Gray Frame: Black
SizeFront 14.5cm Temple 13.0cm Lens 7.0 × 6.0cm
Accessories/ Cross, case, with box

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