ANTEPRIMA Anteprima Wire Handbag PVC Gold Women [Pre]

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There is some peculiarity in the outer wire part and the handle, and there is a slight loss of shape. In addition, there are small scratches on the metal fittings, but they are relatively clean with no noticeable damage as a whole.
Outside: Shape: Some shape

Inside / Other: Bracket part: small scratch

Type wire Product Description It is the arrival of wire handbags of Anteprima. Simple design characterized by PVC wire. It is a good size and can store the minimum valuables such as wallets and mobile phones.
For everyday use, of course, it is recommended to go out a little.
It is a gem you can use for a long time regardless of age and fashion with a simple design.
Please come and buy at this opportunity.
Category Handbag
TypeBrand bag
ColorGold / Gold
SizeW about 27cm x H about 27cm
Handle: about 32 cm
PocketOpening and closing: open

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